Hsk level 1 sentences pdf

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hsk level 1 sentences pdf

HSK 1 Vocabulary List (PDF)

To achieve this first level of Chinese language proficiency, you must master basic pronouns, classifiers, nouns, verbs, and other parts of speech. You must also know how to express time, age, money, and numbers using different sentence patterns such as questions, negatives, imperatives, and the like. HSK 1 vocabulary list includes required vocabulary words and phrases. Once you can understand and use these, you will pass HSK level 1, which means you now meet the basic needs for communication and possess the ability to further your Chinese language studies. I have completed their BCC and since then, I spend daily 90 to minutes studying.
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HSK level 1 listening with Question and Answer

Chinese HSK 1 - 150 Words, 300 Example Sentences, with Audio

The HSK Level I is intended for students who have studied Chinese for a semester half an academic year , with class hours in each week. These students have mastered commonly used words and basic grammar patterns. Test Content. HSK Level I test is made up of listening comprehension and reading comprehension sections and contains a total of 40 items. There are 5 items in Part I. The recording of each item will be played twice.

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HSK Level I Introduction

This item is large, and may take some time to download. Description Flashcard deck from ChineseAudioFlashcards. All words from the HSK 1 set, with 2 example sentences per word. All sentences are made up using only characters from the HSK 1 set, so every sentence you learn reinforces what you have learned previously and makes future cards easier! All sentences are written and read by native mandarin speakers.


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