How to use a tap and die set pdf

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how to use a tap and die set pdf

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With all this, you need a quick and handy reference that takes all these specs into account and lays it all out in a single organized table. Because it can be complex however, a helpful chart is only of any assistance if you can understand it and read it quickly. What follows is some practical instruction on how to use a chart for tap drill sizes, including a useful guide for each section of the matrix. Speaking of easy, we even look at a helpful trick, which uses a quick work-around calculation to find tap drill sizes you need. Keep reading! In a nutshell, a good tap drill chart like the one below or a printable PDF version will have three main columns or sections.
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Learn to use a Tap & Die to Cut Threads

Tap and die

Taps and dies are tools used to create screw threads , which is called threading. Many are cutting tools ; others are forming tools. A tap is used to cut or form the female portion of the mating pair e. A die is used to cut or form the male portion of the mating pair e. The process of cutting or forming threads using a tap is called tapping , whereas the process using a die is called threading.

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Taps and dies are two separate things, but they work together. Simply put, these two methods are designed to make screw threads both on male and female parts. A tap is utilized for creating the female portion. This means that a hole will be created that has threads in it. This allows for a screw to be easily screwed in. When you use a tap to create these threads it is called tapping. Using dies, on the other hand, is called threading.

A tap cuts threads on the inside of a hole, to accept a machine screw or bolt.
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Step by step (Internal) Threaded Holes (Using a Tap)





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